Soundproofing for homes and apartments:
simple, unbiased, low cost, do it yourself
About Us was set up because of the experiences of its founder Craig Williams who was the victim of residential noise pollution in one of his first homes.

More than six years ago Craig moved into a home near a municipal waste transfer depot in a leafy blue chip suburb. Within days of arrival he soon realised that life was going to be very challenging. Every morning at about 4am trucks would loudly motor in and around the adjacent depot and during the day a green mulched almost the size of a house would churn noisily through trailer loads of old trees, shrubs and other green waste. Tractors with loud reversing beepers rummaged monotonously through piles of debris for hours upon hour and every now and then an explosive crashing would be heard as waste was dropped into wagons and compactors. Eventually Craig proved that the local Council was breaching EPA noise laws and today largely because of Craig’s lobbying efforts the facility is much quieter and the people in the surrounding houses have restored sanity and amenity.

The experience cost Craig many months of effort, much money and compromised his health and happiness. In the process he discovered that there is very little readily available unbiased do-it-yourself information on low-cost home and apartment soundproofing. From his own experiences and from much research, Craig set about creating an easy to follow, unbiased guide for other people with noise pollution problems. The result is probably one of the clearest and most helpful guides available anywhere.

Craig discovered that there are many sources of information on soundproofing but most are endorsing a particular product or technique which might not be suitable, or which might be too expensive. He also discovered that there is a lot of incorrect and inaccurate information around. People are spending good money on techniques and methods which will not always solve their noise problems.

Craig now lives happily in a very quiet home where he has applied many low-cost soundproofing techniques and materials and he still finds himself debating with builders and so called experts about the endless soundproofing myths that continue to be endorsed.

Ebooks are distributed from Melbourne, Australia. Other products are shipped from this address and directly from specially selected soundproofing suppliers.

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